The mineral water lifestyle

The mineral water lifestyle is about feeling your best, looking your best, being healthy, and getting what you want out of life in a positive way. It’s about self-improvement.

But self-improvement is not a “goal” or a destination. It’s a process. It’s a journey. It’s a lifestyle.

In the Fall of 2015 I turned 36 and I weighed nearly 230 lbs. Since I am 6 feet even and not an NFL football player, that means I was way, way overweight. And I felt it. How did I feel? Like crap. I had let my body and my self-discipline slide out of control for years without realizing it.

The last straw came when I bought a pair of 38 waist pants around Halloween time, and then had trouble buttoning them by Thanksgiving. I looked in the mirror and I said, “Enough.”

From that point on, until the summer of 2016 I lost 40 lbs and have gotten into the best shape of my life. But not only did I lose weight, I did something more powerful, something I would like to share with you: I changed my lifestyle.

How did I do this? In reality, it’s been a lifetime effort, full of fits and starts and slow progress. However, once I focused on getting healthy and getting the body I always wanted, many other things fell into place for me mentally. I found that the discipline I used in the gym and when altering my diet translated into other areas of my life. This whole process, at the age of 36, was a “Matrix” moment in my life.

So…why mineral water?

In order to lose weight I had to drastically change my relationship to food. This required discipline. Mineral water and coffee got me through the really tough initial phases of that process. They are both wonderful. However, unlike coffee, mineral water has no side-effects. It’s refreshing, healthy, invigorating. It’s more fun than tap water and it fills you up while hydrating you. It comes from almost every part of the world and has a unique culture all to it’s own.

To me, mineral water will forever be tied to this transformative period in my life. Whenever I see mineral water or drink it, I am reminded of the discipline it took to get where I am today, and the satisfaction I felt when I first began to see results on my fitness journey.

On The Mineral Water Life I would like to share what I’ve learned throughout this process (and what I’m still learning), and help others achieve the best version of themselves.