Water Review: DRINKmaple

Maple water, eh? I like maple and I like water so sure, what the heck!

Whoever invented this produce is a marketing genius. And yes, it does taste like spring water with a drop of Aunt Jemima’s mixed in. But this stuff claims to come right from the actual maple tree — adding, I think, to its mystique — and comes complete with little “pulp” particles or something swirling around in the water. So in case you don’t believe it came right from the tree, you can see little bits of tree in it. Proof!

Apparently the water is rich in Manganese, Calcium, and Potassium. This water also contains sugar (7g per 12 oz serving) albeit naturally occuring sugar because, you know, it comes right from the maple tree! But it’s only enough sugar to give it a kind of invigorating taste and put a little smile on your face. Drunk cold, it actually does feel like you’re drinking something that’s somehow good for you, some natural magic potion. Which, IDK maybe it is. Maybe maple water has been sitting right under our noses for years and we never knew about its healing benefits…until now.

I’m wondering if this water will take off in any serious way. I’m betting it’s too gimmicky for that, but hopefully it will enjoy a good run (just a little maple sap joke there).


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