Water Review: Lauretana (Italy)

Lauretana water


Comes from: Graglia, Italy — province of Biella, region of Piemonte. Situated on the edges of the Alps; Graglia would form the point of a triangle pointing north from Torino and Milano

Characteristics: Hailed as Europe’s “lightest” water for it’s extremely low Total Dissolved Solids of 14 mg/l (which in the U.S. would mean it is “spring water” and not actually mineral water) Lauretana has a nice, very light carbonation to it and as well as a bit of an acidic mouth-feel owing to it’s pH of 5.4 to 6.3 depending on whom you believe. The source is a spring fed by glaciers at the foot of Mombarone, 1,050 meters above sea level.

Review: I don’t think characterizing this water as “light” is accurate. The acidity gives a certain piquant quality, but I would not call this water “light” under any circumstances. The fact that is only has 14 mg/l of TDS (your tap water has more minerals) might be something to brag about in certain circles but it’s almost the level of so-called “distilled” water, which is extremely low.

That said, it has a highly-enjoyable and tonic quality to it, thanks also to the light effervescence. I might reach for it as a brisk refresher on a hot day or after a workout or to “cut” the aftertaste of some rich, buttery or creamy foods. Probably would not pair this with any acidic dishes like marinara sauce.

Vital Stats:

Silica: 4.5 mg/l

Bicarbonates: 5.0 mg/l

Sodium: 1.0 mg/l

Calcium: 1.5 mg/l

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