Looking forward to today’s workout

Some days you just can’t wait to get into the gym. Other days, you feel defeated before you even walk in. Today, thankfully, is the former. I’m gonna do a heavy upper-body workout followed by some interval cardio. Been doing some cardio after every workout lately; not much, just enough to stay loose and give my body one final metabolic jolt before calling it quits for the day. More on interval cardio later.


Water Review: Lauretana (Italy)

Lauretana water   Comes from: Graglia, Italy — province of Biella, region of Piemonte. Situated on the edges of the Alps; Graglia would form the point of a triangle pointing north from Torino and Milano Characteristics: Hailed as Europe’s “lightest” water for it’s extremely low Total Dissolved Solids of 14 mg/l (which …

Fitness Journal: Too Much Fasting?

For about a year now (maybe more) I’ve been practicing daily intermittent fasting. That is, fasting for 16 hours at a time, and doing all of my eating within an eight hour window. I don’t do it every day, but pretty much every opportunity I have. I’d say over the past year I’ve averaged about 4-5 days of intermittent fasting per week (I will fully explore intermittent fasting in another blog post).

The fasting has enabled me to regulate my weight a lot better (I’ve been steady at 184 – 187 lbs. for a year now, after inching my way down from 227 lbs. over the previous six months), and changed my attitude toward food for the better. I’ve realized I do not need to eat “thre squares a day” and in fact I use fasting as a way to “reset” after a particularly gluttonous meal or day or even week. I’ve found that the mental clarity and feeling of overall physical cleanliness that comes from fasting is absolutely worth the discpline it has taken to get used to eating my first bites of food at 1:00 p.m. or 2:00 p.m. or even later on some days. There is even sort of a “high” that comes from allowing myself to be extremely hungry.

However, after about a year of this, I feel as though I want to give myself a break from fasting, maybe for a month or so. Why?

  • It takes a tremendous amount of discipline and focus to practice fasting and after a year, frankly, a man just gets tired (in fact not su much tired as bored) of exerting it on a daily basis and missing out on what is otherwise a joyous meal (breakfast) for most of his life
  • I want to confuse my body, and see if the increased frequency of eating does anything to my metabolism
  • I just think I can do without it for a while. Over the past year and a half, I have gotten my diet and calorie intake under control to a point where I do not think the structure of intermittent fasting is necessary.

When I come back to you in a month having gained 5-8 pounds, maybe I’ll be crying in my scrambled eggs and swearing to go back to IF. But for now…just gonna ease up on the reins a bit.